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How Long Can You Do Without Your Rubble Being Recycled?

Instead of the continuing burden of high disposal costs, why not use recycling in future as a lucrative business field – with the help of Drumderg Services. 

The rubble which accumulates at various building sites can provide valuable building materials when processed. Medium to large companies, in particular, can take full advantage of the quality and precise sorting of the end product. Drumderg Services reduces costs for storage, disposal and purchasing – and helps to improve the overall cost structure of your company.

Drumderg Services are in operation throughout New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria for many companies, indispensable in economic term.

Drumderg Services processes asphalt, concrete, medium-hard rock and general rubble, and provides a service of preparing product from original state to requested complete recycled product.

  • Tailor-made for small to large sized jobs

  • High throughput capacity and top quality end product.

  • Environmentally friendly – low on noise and emissions.

  • Effective dust suppression: for environmentally friendly recycling jobs.

  • Cost-effective and reliable: Operator controls all crushing and maneuvering operations from loader using radio controller

  • Mobility gives you the advantage: compact crushers are delivered to site quickly.



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