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Work Health & Safety

Drumderg Services is committed to maintaining a Work Health and Safety Ethos within our Company.  We endeavour to ensure that all of our projects are carried out with the highest Health and Safety standards in place at all times.  To this end, we have established comprehensive systems and procedures and have our own in-house safety and training team with certified trainers, assessors and safety officers. We are committed in our effort to improve Health and Safety both within our Company as well as in the Industry.



Drumderg Services is committed to delivering a quality product and service for its clients and have established a quality management system which will provide continual improvement within the company.

Aiming towards Quality Management, Drumderg ServicesPty ltd. will continuously:

  • Inform, train and motivate staff •

  • Make clear agreements and honour them

  • Improve services and products provided within the scope of such agreements 

  • Work according to effective, efficient and integrated methods

  • Measure the quality of its workmanship and discuss this openly with everyone concerned

As a means to achieve the above objectives, the Quality Management System ensures its activities are executed in a controlled, effective and efficient manner, so that its products and services meet the specified requirements and can demonstrate objective.



Drumderg Services promote a responsible and proactive approach to environmental and waste management at every level of our operations.

We are committed to managing our operations with diligence and with the awareness that our goal is to minimise potential adverse effects on the environment, and we give high priority to the prevention of pollution to air, water and land. Our objective is to achieve the highest standards of environmental protection through continual improvement in environmental performance across all operations of the business.

Specifically, the Company will endeavour to:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and government policy, and the environmental requirements of our clients.

  • Assess the actual and potential impacts of our activities on the environment.

  • Adopt Industry Best Practice to develop management processes and operational procedures that prevent pollution, minimise waste generation and maximise the efficient use of resources.

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